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The Babble Gift Card, the gift that keeps giving

Introducing Babble Gift Card

The Babble Gift Card allows you to show your support emotionally and financially for a friend or loved one who is either needing to undergo fertility treatment, or who is wanting to check the status of their reproductive health. The card allows you to contribute to their treatment, tests, wellbeing guidance or consultation. 

Wedding Gift

Beautiful gift for a couple considering having a family.


Birthday Gift

Give that special someone a birthday present you know they will love.

A Gift to Say You Care

Whether you’re looking to buy a one-off gift card for a work colleague, purchase multiple gift cards to treat your team, or set up a larger ongoing reward scheme.

Support the ones you love

Financially and emotionally support the ones you love.

Finding the right words for someone struggling to conceive can be hard. A gift card allows you to reach out and show your support. For anyone experiencing debilitating Menopause symptoms, the Babble gift card could help your loved one Overcome these with expert support. The Gift Card can help to change someone’s life. 

Babble Gift Card

The Babble Gift Card is a gift that keeps on giving.

The gift gives the recipient the option to pay towards Babble Health's subscription, book a fertility test, speak to an expert about any aspect of their reproductive health or chat with any one of our wellbeing experts. The Babble Gift Card helps to take away the stress and confusion, bringing security and comfort.

From £10-500. Choose the amount you would like to pay

Choose your preferred digital card

Make a difference in someone's life with this gift.

Valid for 12 months

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Created by Sara and Tracey, the co founders of Babble Health, who understand the struggles of TTC and menopause. The Babble Health team are passionate about reproductive healthcare and have created a gift card for any occasion, graduating from university, birthdays, weddings, leaving a job . . . a gift that gives comfort and brings the power back 


Our Partner Offers

The Babble Gift Card brings an added bonus. By choosing one of our partner clinics, the recipient will receive an exclusive discount.

It is a beautiful gift for a friend, one of your family, partner or work colleague that may be looking to have a family, considering egg freezing or who is experiencing debilitating menopause symptoms 

Frequently Asked Questions

An eGift is a digital version of a gift card or gift voucher. You can use an eGift in the same way you would a physical card, except you can access it at any time online. 

As they’re digital, you can send eGifts instantly or schedule them for a specific date. You can also add a personalised message. 

As there’s no plastic or shipping involved, an eGift is better for the environment too!

Our gift cards and vouchers can be spent on any product or service on Babble Health. 

With our Babble Gift Card, you can choose your preferred amount and send as a digital email or download and include in a card. It gives the recipient the option to pay in full or in part towards their reproductive healthcare check. It can also go towards chatting with an expert to create a plan for their future. With guidance on initial diagnostics, help with putting together a comprehensive fertility or menopause plan along with access to leading experts, support with lifestyle changes, finance options and emotional support.

Yes we do! Please get in touch to buy larger quantities of gift cards. Depending on your budget, you may qualify for a discount. 

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