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Meet Our Trusted Menopause Partners

Our trusted partner experts are handpicked and here to look after you in the best possible way you can be. Book a discovery call today and know that you are in safe hands. Please be reassured booking a discovery call with one of our trusted partners does not mean you are committing to use any specific clinic. This is simply a first step. You can either select to speak to a specific expert or we can select one for you.

Hormone Health UK

Find out more about Hormone Health and how their experts can help you.

Dr Sherry Ross US

Find out more about Dr Sherry Ross, obgyn and author, passionate about reproductive health



Diagnosis can take years, but by becoming your own advocate you can get answers in days. All you need to do is complete your initial assessment and book your free 15 mins discovery call with one of our trusted partners.

Our Trusted Partners

We handpick leading experts from around the globe to help support and guide you

How Expert Guidance Can Make a Difference

Talking to an expert really can make all the difference. Experiencing menopause symptoms can be emotionally and physically draining. But it is so important to realise you are not alone! Speaking to an expert can be invaluable, saving you time, money and emotional upset.

Diagnosis is key

Although taking control of what sometimes seems a scary step, it will be one that will give you clarity. Receiving a diagnosis is a liberating and important step to take. As is being proactive rather than reactive about your menopause health.

Menopause Symptoms

During perimenopause and menopause, some women may experience symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, low mood, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, vaginal dryness and reduced libido. You're not alone and there are ways to ease these.


Andropause is a condition of decreasing testosterone in men that usually begins to occur at about 40 years of age. Many men also find it difficult to acknowledge there may be a problem by refusing to even talk about the symptoms.
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