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Our Ambassadors, dedicated to support you wherever you are in your reproductive health

Our Ambassador Panel

Here are just some of our incredible Babble Health ambassadors. Bringing you shared stories, experience and support to help you wherever you are in your reproductive healthcare. 

Kirsten McLennan

Mother via Surrogacy

Carla Cressy


Valerie Landis

Egg freezing USA

Lucia Oreb

IVF Mum via Surrogacy SA

Ondine Cowley UK

Egg freezing advocate

Jade Burns

TTC Support


Speaking with an expert can help relieve any symptoms you may be experiencing


If you have a family history of specific conditions and you would like to find out if this could impact you, find out more on genetics in Babble Health.

On demand access to experts

Whether you are struggling to conceive, experiencing menstrual issues, menopause, andropause, genetic concerns . . . we are here for you.

Gareth Lundy

IVF Dad Ireland

Keegan Prue


JR Silver

Dad via sperm donation

Michael Johnson Ellis

Father Through Surrogacy

Ian Stone

fertility and wellness expert

Ricky Cibardo

Father following miscarriage

Ryan Smith


Our Lead Ambassadors

Our lead ambassadors will join Babble Health for webinars and Q&As. If you have any questions for Louise, Hannah or Eloise, do get in touch here

Louise Brown

The World's First Ever Person Born through IVF

World's First IVF Born in 1978

More than 9 million babies have been born since Louise's birth

Hannah Vaughan Jones


Hannah went through 15 IVFs

Hannah had her much yearned for son after 15 IVFs and is a staunch advocate and speaker around all things fertility.

Eloise Drane

Eloise has been an egg donor, surrogate, kidney donor!

Through her own journey she created Family Inceptions

Surrogacy agency in the US

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