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Find experts, testing and supplements to support your reproductive healthcare

Expert Guidance

Speaking to a expert can save you so much time, money and worry. With the right guidance you can avoid months or years of 'wondering'.

Talk to an Expert

Medical and wellbeing experts are here for you wherever you are with your reproductive health.

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Reproductive Health Testing

Whether fertility, pregnancy, menopause, andropause, finding out your fertility status can be empowering.

Diagnosis is Key

Reproductive healthcare tests can help you to make the right decisions for you and to give you options.

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Supporting your health with essential vitamins

Supporting your reproductive health

Supplements can help you to boost and/or reach ultimate health wherever you are in your reproductive health.

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Support Programmes

Join a support programme to get you on track with handholding throughout.


Being guided through fitness and nutrition programmes, counselling sessions and alternative therapy courses can all go some way to help you take control of your health.

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Shop supplements to support the nutritional requirements of your body. Currently out of stock, coming in again soon.


Female Fertility

Multi nutrient formulas for preconception and pregnancy

£18 /60 tabs


Male Fertility

Multi nutrient and anti-oxidant formula for male reproductive health

£38 /60 tabs



Biodynamic and superfood nutrients for natural menopause relief

£24 /6o tabs


Omega 3

From marine algae rich in DHA and EPA

£24 /6o tabs

Wellbeing Experts

Find out more about our wellbeing experts and the reproductive healthcare online programmes they have created for you

Tracey Sainsbury

Fertility Counsellor

Barbara Scott

Lead Reflexologist

Sue Bedford

Lead Nutritionist

Monica Moore

Wellness Coach

Lisa Schuman

Fertility Therapist

Aleta St James

Life Coach & Healer

Maria Howells

Fitness Tranier

Vickey Bonnefoy

Fertility Coach

Vickie Budden

Wellness Coach

Jo Tuffnell

Pilates Lead

Bianca Bolissian


Lori Metz


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    • Bianca Bolissian
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    • Lori Metz
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Why not give a loved one this special gift card. A gift that can buy or go towards reproductive healthcare supplements, expert chats and they will have 3 months access to full membership with any purchase over £50.

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For wellbeing courses, programmes and consultations to support your reproductive healthcare

Egg freezing

Are you considering egg freezing?

What Next?

We understand that timing is everything. If you’re not quite ready to start a family or perhaps about to embark on medical treatment that may harm your fertility, why not discuss your options with an expert.

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Diagnosis is key

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Be Empowered

Whether a quick at home test or a full test in a clinic, the comfort that gives to you that you are taking control of your reproductive health, with no queues or unnecessary upset wondering instead of being proactive.


Whether testing, free discovery call, chat with a medical and/or wellbeing expert, you have the tools and support to be proactive about your health.



Considering having a family and struggling to conceive? 


Men can take a testosterone test in the comfort of their home. With a quick chat with an expert, it can give peace of mind and understanding of next steps.

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Talk to an Expert

Don’t leave things to chance! A chat with an expert can make all the difference!

Find Your Course

Considering a course for support and guidance to get back on the right track? Check out our wellbeing experts for online courses created bespoke to your needs.


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A simple test can help give clarity

Taking control

No more second guessing. Diagnosis is key.


What People Say

Find out what others say that have used our services and products

Joanna Wilson Babble Health Member

Having a chat with a nutritionist has helped me so much. I was unsure how it could help, but I feel so much better and in fact have just now had twins after being unable to conceive for many years.

Jeff Bedingfeld Babble Health Member

Subscribing to Babble Health has been enlightening. It's great to have everything in one place. I don't have the time to search all over the internet and so relieved to find Babble Health! A One Stop Shop for repro health!

Amanda Hart Babble Health Reader

Subscribing to Babble Health has been fantastic and so easy to read and understand. No more trawling the internet with misleading advice! I am delighted to be a part of Babble Health and its support and guidance.

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