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Why fertility and reproductive healthcare is so important for your employees

Why Offer Reproductive Healthcare Benefits?

Investing in your employee's fertility healthcare is becoming a crucial benefit that people are looking for. Showing that you care for your employee both in and outside of the office.

More and more employers are choosing to support employees throughout their careers with their reproductive health.

Whether your employee is trying to conceive, wanting to look after their future fertility or experiencing symptoms of the menopause, we are here to help you support them.

With the help of our expertise your employees will have the ability to look after their reproductive health. Offering this fertility care, allows your employees to feel a sense of balance and control both inside and outside the workplace.

If employees feel unsupported it can dramatically impact absence and employee retention. 

Reproductive healthcare is a tangible way to show your employees how much you care about them and their future.

With Babble Health, your employees can have access to diagnostics, education and navigation. All with the support and guidance of our navigators and leading experts. Find out what we can offer here

Forbes Magazine on Menopause in the Workplace

In the U.K., one in 10 women leaves the workforce due to menopause symptoms. A survey by the U.K. government as part of its "Vision for Women’s Health Strategy" found that nearly half of employers have no policy in place to support employees undergoing IVF treatment. It also found that 60% of women feel uncomfortable talking to their manager or supervisor if symptoms of menopause are impacting their work performance. Perhaps most shockingly, 90% of employers have no menopause support policy in place.

Why offer these benefits?

Here are just three reasons why

Attract and retain employees. Boost productivity, tackle inequality, promote diversity, create an inclusive culture. Offering fertility and menopause benefits and giving accessible information and solutions is a great support and will help your workforce to be happier and more productive. 

Organisations now promote diversity as a matter of course. Policies and Improved access to fertility support should be independent of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and marital status. The US Fertility IQ 2021 survey found that fertility policies and benefits are becoming mainstream, no longer the preserve of so called progressive employer organisations.

Societal impact is of greater importance than ever before. Addressing ESG (environmental, social and governance) considerations are the norm for the majority of financial investors as well as employees. It is no longer an optional “tick box”. It is an organisational necessity. Proactive fertility support and benefits represent a significant opportunity to meet these demands.

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More reproductive healthcare facts

Just some facts illustrating the importance of fertility and menopause benefits

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Millennials take fertility benefits into consideration when choosing a job

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Infertility issues caused by male factor fertility

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LGBTQ (aged 18-35) considering parenthood

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Average age for women of onset of menopause

More employers offering fertility, family planning benefits

Transform your employees wellbeing

Babble Health works with employers to offer a valuable employee benefit which bridges the gap between an employer and their employees when dealing with the sensitivity and privacy of their reproductive issues. 

What we can offer

Find out more on how we can support your employees and make a difference

Education Programmes

We have created education programmes to support employers and employees

More on how we can help

Babble Health is here to offer personalised care that meets the needs of its users, wherever they are in the world.  Delivering the best reproductive health benefits solution and an exemplary patient experience to your business and team.

Helping Employers Support The Diverse Reproductive Healthcare Needs Of Their Employees

What we can offer

Find out how we can work together to support your employees giving them the support to gain balance and assurity

Education Programmes

We offer education programmes for you and your employees across fertility, menopause and wellbeing.


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The co-founders of Babble Health launched back in 2016 and revolutionised the way patients were communicated to. As fertility patients themselves, they understand the complexities, the impact on emotional and physical wellbeing. IVFbabble is a global resource read by over 4.5 million. Babble Health has been created to give access to care to the millions around the world experiencing reproductive health issues. These are just some of the awards received.

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