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Our readers often turn to sperm donation for fertility treatment. Fairfax Cryobank offers latest technology, and excellent success rates

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We have a long-standing reputation of excellence with over two decades of satisfied physicians and patients. Trust, credibility, and quality are the basis of our success.
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For over 30 years Fairfax Cryobank has provided the highest quality donor sperm that has led to the creation of many happy healthy families. We provide the caring and sensitive support you need, the high quality donor sperm you require, and fully compliant with FDA and HFEA regulations governing reproductive tissue banks. We have a long-standing reputation of excellence with over two decades of satisfied physicians and patients. Trust, credibility, and quality are the basis of our success.

Today patients, physicians, and medical centers around the world use donor semen from Fairfax Cryobank because of their experience and confidence in the donor selection, screening, infectious and genetic disease testing, sperm quality standards, and service of Fairfax Cryobank.

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NJ Canada

Fairfax Cryobank provides the most comprehensive medical profiles, giving us confidence in a healthy match. In addition the personal profile, audio disc of the donor’s voice and the photo of the donor as a baby offered us a human touch that made a difference I cannot adequately explain. This unique aspect of Fairfax’s service provided us a wonderful glimpse of who the donor is, his interests and values. The opportunity to evaluate these qualities was equally important to us as knowing the donor’s physical attributes.


My wife and I began the fertility journey in February of 2018. Fairfax was an easy choice for us when looking into banks. We have some friends that used the bank as well, which is how we heard about Fairfax. We looked at all the others but felt Fairfax was the most user-friendly website and also the best price. All together we bought 12 IUI vials. We took advantage of the deals that Fairfax sent out randomly, which helped out tremendously. When ordering from Fairfax the employees were always very nice and made things simple. When needing vials sent to the doctor’s office, they also made this process very simple. Vials were always on time. My doctor even let us look through the microscope to see the motility of the sperm, which was a feeling of satisfaction, knowing what we were getting from Fairfax was legit. We are very happy with our decision of using Fairfax and have a little one on the way.


My wife and I eagerly began our journey to parenthood with CLI in 2014, we were warmly welcomed with the reassurance that they had experience in assisting LGBT families start a family. We chose our donor using their photo-matching service and welcomed our son into our family in 2015. We stepped into an unknown world with little direction and we are so thankful for the guidance CLI provided us. Beginning our journey once more in 2018 we found that CLI had merged with Fairfax and we knew we would be in good hands. Fairfax offers an intuitive and easy to use website that is brimming with information and a staff that is courteous, kind, and knowledgeable. Fairfax demonstrates respect, quality and a service that is autographed with excellence.

More Than 45 Years of Experience

Fairfax Cryobank are a leading sperm bank. They are here to help guide and support you. For a free 10 mins discovery call, you will receive a confirmation email which will ask you to complete the initial assessment form so that they can help guide you in the best way possible.


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