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If you’re a business owner or you work in HR or another department working to support employees, then you’ll know that employee benefit packages are an important aspect in staff retention and keeping your workforce happy, productive and engaged. You’ll also know, that in order to attract and retain the best employees, offering a competitive salary and range of benefits is crucial. But what exactly do employee benefits mean in todays’ world?


On demand access to medical and wellbeing experts who are here to help guide and support your workforce. With leading experts ready to join webinars to empower your team.


Educating and empowering your team to understand their fertility options with reproductive health programmes.

Employee Benefits

Fertility benefits, don’t let your company be left behind

You’ve probably got the basics covered, such as annual leave and paid sick leave. You may also have recently made changes to your working practices, offering more flexible working hours and the ability for staff to work from home. Especially so in a post-pandemic world and one that recognises the needs of women experiencing the menopause.

But what about fertility benefits? If you offer private healthcare packages, do you also cover the financial costs of fertility testing and treatment? Babble Health is here to help your team take control of their reproductive health and here’s why fertility benefits should be high on your agenda this year.

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Employees and Diversity

A recent survey by Glassdoor revealed that almost 70% of those looking for employment say that workplaces with clear anti-discrimination policies and a notably diverse employee population is important when weighing up job offers.

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Fertility Benefits

Diversity, equity and inclusion, or DEI, includes fertility benefits and with employees specifically looking for employers with DEI policies, it’s clear that it’s more than important to include fertility benefits – it’s essential.

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It’s an essential part of LGBTQ+ individuals and couples looking for employment, too. 63% of LGBTQ+ millennials say they’re looking to start or expand their families now or in the future, and this is most commonly achieved through assisted reproduction techniques including the use of donor gametes and IVF, or through fostering or adoption. All of which can be costly, without the right insurance cover.

Cost Savings

In such uncertain times, choosing to add benefits to your existing packages may feel like it doesn’t make financial sense. But choosing to partner up with a company like Babble Health can actually make cost savings further down the line. We offer at-home telephone and video link consultations with fertility experts that can help employees make diet and lifestyle adaptations now, such as dietary changes and ovulation tracking, that may improve their fertility in the future. Employees taking the time to think about their fertility early on, may save on the need for costly assisted fertility techniques in the future.

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Engaged and Productive Team

A healthy, happy workforce is an engaged and productive one. Helping to relieve the burden of the costs of starting or expanding a family can help enormously. Supporting your employees with a nurturing workplace that fully supports time off starts with fertility benefits.

Babble Health Can Help

And we can help. At Babble Health, we can support you every step of the way in adding fertility coverage to your employee benefits packages. We offer full support to employees, too, hand holding every step of the way, from advice on protecting future fertility, through testing, treatments and finding the right doctors and medical teams

Employee Support

Supporting Reproductiive Healthcare


Infertility affects 96 million people around the world, and the conversation is expanding.

Our experts are waiting, are you ready to keep up with the demands of a modern workforce?

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