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New family friendly employee benefit trends for 2022

The dawn of a new year heralds many new changes, and this year sees the advent of a new trend of benefits for employees that supports both the right to family life and the needs of a woman as she approaches and experiences her menopause.

Retaining and attracting quality staff is key for any business in order to succeed, grow and avoid spending large sums of money on recruitment and refilling posts

In today’s world, the top talent know their worth, and no longer is an employment package containing the basics of holiday and sick pay, bonuses and growth potential, enough.

Savvy, would be employees, especially woman, are now looking for incentives that sensitively supports their desire for a family life as well as a career. And then later on, supports their changing physical and emotional wellbeing needs as they approach their menopausal years.

Not only are they looking for health insurance that covers pregnancy care and back to work support, they’re looking for help with potential health needs such as IVF, egg freezing and other assisted fertility procedures

They’re also looking for what has been highlighted by the Covid pandemic as important – flexible working patterns, the ability to easily and safely work from home around family commitments, and onsite childcare when they need it.

Employers therefore need to keep up with the changing expectations of potential employees. This is why we’re seeing a change in the benefits offered in remuneration packages. In particular, 2022 will see benefits and support for employees to help them start or build their families if they need fertility treatments. This kind of care is invaluable for those struggling with their fertility or struggling to fit fertility treatments around their working day, since it’s such a personal and emotive subject.

This year, we will also see more in the way of care for women experiencing the symptoms of the perimenopause and the menopause

This will mean women will no longer have to keep their symptoms a secret or suffer in silence during a time which is perfectly natural and happens to 50% of the population.

At Babble Fertility, we’re revolutionising fertility and menopause healthcare by helping employers help their employees look after their health

Huge steps have been made in workplaces committing to better diversity, equality and inclusion policies, and we believe another step in this is supporting employees reproductive and menopausal health. Part of this is also in understanding that lesbian and transgender employees may also need sensitive access to this kind of support.

Don’t get left behind and lose quality staff to competitors offering such support as standard. Contact us to find out how we can help you understand and offer the right support to your employees.

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