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Our readers often turn to IVF Turkey for fertility treatment. IVF Turkey offers latest technology, and excellent success rates

Welcome to IVF Turkey

IVF Turkey was founded by Dr Teksen Camlibel. His long experience and accomplishments in this field put him on the top of the best doctors list of  IVF and gynecologic surgeries. 

More than 20 years of experience


Nova IVF are a leading fertility clinic and trusted partner of Babble Health. They are here to help guide and support you.

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Dr Teksen Camlibel is the founder of the first IVF Treatment center in Istanbul Jinemed Health Group, and one of the first IVF doctors in Turkey.  He is the first man who brought IVF technology to Istanbul. He accomplished many successes in IVF around the world.  since 2003 he worked with his son Mr Ugur Camlibel to create the IVF Turkey team that could help hundreds of couples having successful IVF treatment and gynecologic surgeries In Turkey. 

IVF Turkey opened the first private IVF center in Turkey, and today has three units serving both domestic and foreign patients. Our patients come from both Europe and the United States led by leading consultant Dr Teksen Camlibel.

Find out in this video about the IVF process if you travel to Turkey.

More Than 40 Years of Experience

IVF Turkey are a leading fertility clinic and trusted partner of Babble Fertility. They are here to help guide and support you.

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Would you like to have a free discovery call with one of IVF Turkey’s team? All you need to do is confirm your contact details and complete a short assessment form so that your call can be as productive as possible.

Natural Conception

Are you struggling to conceive/

if you are under 34 years and trying for 12 months without success or 35 and over and trying for 6 months, it's important to chat to an expert about tests to ensure there's nothing preventing a pregnancy.


Your future family

IVF can help you to have your family. Why not speak to an expert to find out more

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Of your reproductive health

It is so empowering to take control of your own reproductive health. Being proactive can save you so much time, worry and financial impact.

Don't hide away

Understanding it, knowing it, owning it.

It takes 10 mins of your time, speaking to an expert, to understand what you need to do to

Listen to your voice

Are things not feeling right?

Sometimes we just avoid the reality of a situation because its easier. But it can also take away our options by delaying addressing issues.


Egg, sperm and embryo donation

Donation can be a fantastic option to have children when there may be issues preventing pregnancy with your own eggs, sperm or both.


Considering surrogacy?

Surrogacy can be a route to parenthood if you have had many repetitive issues trying to conceive, uterine abnormalities, same sex male couple or a single man considering parenthood.

Meet Our

Meet just some of our clinic's experts who are all here to help and support you on your journey to parenthood

Prof. Dr, Teksen ÇAMLIBEL


Prof. Dr. Meriç

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

Dr. Alparslan

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

Dr Omer

Gynecology and IVF

Dr Filiz

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

Op. Dr. Tuğba Özcan

Gynaecologist and IVF

Dr Ziya

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

Dr Melike

Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Find out what people say about this fantastic clinic

Mrs Khan Mrs Khan

We saw the brilliant reviews on Google on website so contacted Zuhal who is the most kind amazing person you can come across she helped and guided us with everything and was the reason why we went from UK to Istanbul for treatment, and had an amazing 3 weeks experience had treatment done DR.meric did an absolute fantastic job and give us hope been trying 5 years and derya was also amazing and helped us guided us with everything and can't thank them enough, such a nice clean hospital and great team work and hope you carry on helping people, you can put all your trust in them and now Alhamdulillah 4 weeks pregnant, and feel so blessed and would definitely go back in future🙏💯

Mrs Patel Mrs Patel

Our IVF journey in turkey has been a great experience. I communicated with my UK coordinator Zuhal about 6 months before I went and was always there to answer my questions. Dr Meric in Turkey was very hopeful with us and we managed to get our golden embryo as we only got 1 egg. It’s a miracle how I am now 4 weeks pregnant. My Turkey Coordinator Derya was also very welcoming and showed a lot of support during our time away from home. Derya was always a phone call away and now that I am back in the UK I still msg her, she is always there to help. Zuhal and Derya have both been in touch to make sure iv been ok, guiding me through. I would definitely go back in the future and would recommend to anyone going through this journey.


Me and my husband decided to choose IVF Turkey for our firsf IVF Treatment and we are so glad that we did. All the staff were very professional and helpful. We were under the care of Dr Meric who is very professional and experienced and we felt confident being in his care. We were linked to a Coordinator called Derya and Ozi who were very helpful and supportive. Zuhal was our UK link and she was very kind, informative and so helpful. We chose to go with the accommodation arranged by the hospital which was very close to the hospital and made it so much easier for appointments, everything was fine and we had no issues. Alhumdulila by the grace of Allah we are now expecting our little miracle. Thank you to all the staff.

IVF Turkey

IVF is a wonderful solution to infertility; however, it is not the only solution. We begin with each patient by asking about prior treatments, such as ovulation induction and artificial insemination. We explore with them whether or not IVF treatment will be the best for their needs. 

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