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Mindfulness Course


Introducing ways of reducing stress can improve your quality of life while trying to conceive and studies indicate that if you alleviate anxiety and depression in infertile women it appears to make it easier for them to become pregnant.





Why choose Naomi Woolfson’s mindfulness course?

  • Overcome anxiety and negative thinking to find peace of mind.
  • Recapture the excitement of when you first decided to try for a baby.
  • Learn how to love and trust your body.
  • Access your inner strength and build your resilience.
  • Connect with others and forge new friendships with people in a similar situation to yourself.
  • Prepare for your next step be that a lifestyle change, a treatment option or pregnancy itself.
  • Build a toolkit to help you throughout your journey, to combat jealousy, anger, worry and fear.
  • Strengthen your relationship with your partner
  • Develop patience, trust in yourself and your ability to handle anything in your life.
  • Embrace your journey to parenthood.

What do you get?

Mindfulness, visualisations and hypnosis for fertility.

Beautiful and powerful tracks to support you through every step of your cycle be that while you are trying to get pregnant naturally or with the help of fertility treatments such as Clomid, IUI, IVF or ICSI.

The benefits of doing this:

Reduce patient anxiety and minimise the risk of depression.The Mental Health Foundation reports that clinical studies have shown that by practising mindfulness participants experienced up to a 70% reduction in anxiety, and an increase in disease fighting antibodies. The results showed improvements to the immune system, improved sleep and a reduction in negative feelings such as anger, tension and depression – all of which have a negative impact on fertility.

In a large federally-funded study, 55% of previously infertile women who met regularly in a Mind-Body Infertility program conceived within 6 months after the program, compared to only 20% in a control group that used no mind-body techniques.5The Academic Fertility and IVF Unit, Soroka Medical Center study suggests that the use of hypnosis during embryo transfer may significantly improve the IVF/ET cycle outcome in terms of increased implantation and clinical pregnancy rates. Furthermore, it seems that the patients’ attitude to the treatment was more favourable.

Price Bundle at £28 

Guided Relaxation For Getting Pregnant Naturally 1 track

IVF Mindfulness 3 tracks

Pregnancy Mindfulness & Guided Relaxation for Pregnancy 3 tracks

Product includes:

  • Natural Cycle Hypnosis Tracks
  • Assisted Cycle Hypnosis Tracks (IVF/IUI/ICSI)
  • Visualisations and Affirmations for Pregnancy
  • Deep relaxation and rest – Supercharge your sleep
  • Hypnosis for Pain Management
  • Visualisation and relaxation for male partner
  • 4 mini mindfulness videos
  • 2 Emotional Freedom Technique videos
  • 1 self soothers guidance video, which demonstrates the techniques used in the MP3s and can be used as stand-alone techniques whenever you feel out of balance.


I joined the course because I felt that I had already spent a lot of time and energy on preparing my body e.g. acupuncture, diet etc. and hadn’t really thought about my mind and how I could support myself through this.”  – Maeve, Embrace member

“The Embrace Fertility Method has helped me not be controlled by my thinking and learn to love myself and my body again.” – Helen, Embrace member.

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