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Our readers often turn to sperm donation for fertility treatment. Xytex offers latest technology, and excellent success rates

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When it’s a life-changing decision, your choice of sperm bank is critical. Since 1975, Xytex has helped tens of thousands of people just like you realize their dream of starting or growing their family.
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Since 1975, Xytex has been providing the expertise needed to help people fulfill their dreams of starting or growing a family through sperm donation. As an international cryoservices leader, we are committed to unsurpassed quality and giving our clients an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Providing innovative cryoservices around the globe, we serve healthcare professionals, families, and individuals with honesty and compassion. Because we own and operate our processing and storage facilities, all donor sperm remains securely stored, providing families with peace of mind and the best possible customer experience.

We utilize the latest technology and procedures to cryopreserve donor sperm—ensuring that they are available for use whenever you need them. Xytex is guided by an international medical advisory board that encompasses reproductive endocrinology, internal medicine, human genetics, infectious diseases and tissue preservation. We have four Georgia locations in Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, and Marietta as well as one location in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Meet just some of our team who are all here to help and support you on your journey to parenthood

James Nicopoullos

Reproductive Medicine and Surgery and a Consultant Gynaecologist

Raef Faris

Gynaecology and Fertility Consultant

Dr Jaya Parikh

Gynaecologist and a fertility consultant

Mr Jonathan Ramsay

Consultant Urologist and Andrologist

Mr Tim Bracewell-Milnes

Gynaecology and Fertility Consultant

Dr Yau Thum

Fertility Specialist

Mr Gavin Kemball

consultant gynaecologist and fertility specialist

Dr Shabana Bora

Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist

Ms Anupa Nandi

Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr Vivian Rittenberg

Fertility and Gynaecology Consultant

Dr Mohamed Khalil

Fertility & Gynaecology Consultant

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Find out what people say about this fantastic clinic

JR Silver Canada

We are so lucky to live during a time when IVF treatment is so advanced, including the options for using donor sperm, and are now parents to two blessed donor sperm conceived children, thanks, in no small part, to Xytex.”

Beth & Kourtney USA

The site is easy to navigate and “Favorite” a donor, so you can come back & compare! We loved the little icons specifying important notes on each donor, and there were so many photos of each donor! THAT SOLD US! No other bank offers as many photos. We loved the extensive genetic testing, the “in their own words” essays from the donors, and the personality notes!

Pearlyn & Brenda Singapore

We’d recommend Xytex because we loved that we could get a response quickly, especially when emailing from so far away. After completing our purchase with Xytex, we managed to give birth to our little miracle of life, Baby Velda!”

More Than 45 Years of Experience

Xytex are a leading sperm bank. They are here to help guide and support you. For a free 10 mins discovery call, you will receive a confirmation email which will ask you to complete the initial assessment form so that they can help guide you in the best way possible.


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