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We have at our disposal the very best equipment, and we use only the methods proven to give the highest success rates. Aagaard performs approximately 5,000 examinations and 660 operations a year.

Welcome to Aagaard Klinik Denmark

Aagaard Fertility Clinic offer the most comprehensive and cohesive range of treatments for gynaecology and fertility in Denmark. We also have our own sperm bank.

More than 20 years of experience


Aagaard Klinik are a leading fertility clinic and trusted partner of Babble Health. They are here to help guide and support you.

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At some point in their life, most women and men consider starting a family. Wanting a child is natural, but having it can sometimes turn out to be more complicated than expected. At Aagaard Fertilitetsklinik we offer all types of modern fertility treatments. We have a complete examination program for both women and men.

In 2015 we celebrated our ranking as the best private IVF clinic in the country based on the annual report of Dansk Fertilitetsselskab (DFS).

Unfortunately, DFS have decided that from 2016 and onwards they’ll no longer publish an annual report. This means that we can’t compare our results with the performance of the remaining clinics in Denmark. However, one thing is certain; our IVF results are even better that they were in 2015

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Would you like to have a free discovery call with one of Aagaard Klinik's team? All you need to do is confirm your contact details and complete a short assessment form so that your call can be as productive as possible.


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Our experience was successful! very professional and also nice and experienced staff. Would recommend them


It was not a short or easy path but they/we succeed. The employees there are professional and they pay attention to every small detail



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    Meet just some of our clinic's experts who are all here to help and support you on your journey to parenthood

    Aboubakar Cissé

    Medical Director

    Kim Marky

    Specialist in Gynaecology and Fertility

    Johnny Hindkjær

    Scientific Director & Laboratory Manager

    Jens Michael Hertz

    Professor and Chief Physician

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    Would you like a consultation with one of the Aagaard Klinik's specialists? All you need to do is complete a short form and one of their team will be in touch to discuss in more detail and schedule your appointment.

    Aagaard Klinik

    Aagaard Klinik treats patients with private healthcare insurance and private patients from Denmark and abroad.

    We have at our disposal the very best equipment, and we use only the methods proven to give the highest success rates. As the only fertility clinic in Denmark, Aagaard Klinik is formally accredited in accordance the Danish Healthcare Quality Programme. In other words, we have proved that our services comply with the high quality standards required in the Danish public hospitals.

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