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Diversity Equality Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is a phrase used loosely in professional settings today, but to countless employees who bring value and new perspectives to the companies they work for, its importance cannot be overstated. 

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What is Diversity Equality and Inclusion?

A diverse and inclusive workplace is one that makes everyone, regardless of their differences, feel equally involved and included in the workplace. Although diversity and inclusion are often referred to at the same time, they have very different meanings. Diversity recognises differences and is all about what makes us different. A diverse workforce will be made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds e.g. race, ethnicity, gender identity, age etc. Inclusion on the other hand is about ensuring that all employees feel valued and respected as individuals, have a sense of belonging to the workplace and have the ability to add value to the organisation in their own way.

Why is DEI so important

There are massive benefits that can be gained from having a diverse workforce. A diverse workforce brings a different range of perspectives, increased creativity, innovation and problem solving which helps to understand your customers’ needs better and ultimately improve overall business performance and profits. Treating everyone in the workplace as an individual, and appreciating the unique contribution they can bring, is a huge part of organisational culture. A good culture means deeper trust and commitment from your employees, higher employee engagement and reduced employee turnover. It also means that you can attract talent more easily and improves your overall company reputation.

How can we promote DEI in the workplace

Promoting Diversity and inclusion starts at the top. As leaders, you need to ensure that your teams understand the importance and are aware of unconscious bias. Training managers in the importance of managing bias and ensuring that everyone has their say at work (this may mean that you need to think of different ways to elicit feedback from more introverted people). Ensure that you have policies and procedures that promote diversity in the workplace. Make sure that pay equality is a high focus. You can also set up champions within your organisation to promote things like menopause, neurodiversity, different cultures etc.

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