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Discover why many go to Spain for fertility treatment

IVF in Spain

Considering fertility treatment in Spain? These are some of the factors that many choose this lovely country for their treatment.

IVF in Spain

Spain is a country that is known for its diverse culture and stunning architecture. But did you know that it is also a popular destination for those considering fertility treatment? In fact, Spain is recognised as one of the most popular destinations in Europe for IVF and egg donation. In the leading clinics, fertility experts are highly experienced and have helped countless couples conceive. Spain is also chosen as the cost of IVF can be less than some other countries. The age limit is generally 50 years for women however in some clinics this can reach 52 years.

Egg donation

There are a wide range of anonymous egg donors from different ethnic backgrounds. Spanish legislation is very liberal when it comes to fertility treatment, making it available to anyone - regardless of marital status or sexual orientation. If you're looking for an anonymous egg donor with a different ethnic background, Spain has got you covered. Patients looking for egg donation IVF options will be happy to know that there are no waiting times – egg donor availability is excellent and an "exclusive donor" option is usually possible. Patients seeking anonymity in terms of donation will be pleased to know that both egg and sperm donor identity remain anonymous in Spain

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