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How Babble Health Can Help You

We’re the team behind Babble Health, and we know what it’s like to go through the struggles and heartache of infertility. Most importantly, we know how important an early diagnosis and plan of action are to your chances of success.

When we were going through our own struggles with infertility, we had a hard time finding reliable resources online. There is too much conflicting information out there!

We know that the journey towards a diagnosis and treatment can be confusing, impacting you emotionally, physically, and financially. In addition, infertility can place a strain on your social and professional relationships, and cause anxiety, depression, and despair.

If you feel alone and need help with infertility, you’re in the right place. We want to help other people achieve their goals of parenthood. That’s why we developed Babble Fertility – your trusted friend with the answers you need.

When it Comes to Infertility, Diagnosis is Key

When it comes to infertility, finding a diagnosis can be an uphill battle. Getting passed from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist- it’s awful. You can end up waiting years for a diagnosis on the NHS, and all the while the clock is ticking and the emotional anguish compounding.

While infertility used to be thought of as a female issue, did you know that it is a male factor problem in nearly 50% of cases? That’s why both partners need to be assessed as soon as possible.

Think of it as being proactive instead of reactive. By the time you realise there is a problem, valuable time has passed. Don’t let even more time pass you by – you’ll have better outcomes if you speak to fertility specialists now.

Babble Health connects you with testing, consultations with trusted fertility specialists, and diagnoses. We can help you find fertility clinics and provide honest and reliable reviews about labs, diagnostics, and doctors.

You’re not alone. It’s time to be your own advocate, and Babble Health is here to help.

Why Did We Launch Babble Health?

We have spent 5 years supporting over 4.5 million across the world with to raise awareness, working with leading consultants and reporting on the latest in fertility and IVF.

We went a step further and created World Fertility Day which takes place on November 2 to bring people together and raise awareness. We also launched a campaign for Fertility Fairness that gained 116K signatures and delivered the petition to Downing Street.

We also know the huge importance of support and ‘a shoulder to lean on,’ so we’ve also created a community and recently launched our Pineapples app where you can find others going through the same as you and understand. We also created a Pineapple Pin that is worn by many around the world and has been exhibited in the Science Museum London as a symbol of hope and support for all those trying to conceive.

What we have always felt so strongly about is the need for quick and safe access to care, with testing and early diagnosis and helping you to make the right decisions for you whether starting a family now or planning for your future.

How Does Babble Health Work

The Babble Health team are passionate about ensuring no one has to walk the same long journey to parenthood that we walked. We want to help people access the right information immediately, alleviating weeks, months, and even years of uncertainty.

We do this by facilitating at-home or in-clinic tests so you can get answers in days, not years. We also provide the support of people who care and hold your hand throughout the entire journey. Sometimes, a little one-on-one support can make all the difference and make you feel less alone.

We want to make things as easy as possible for you, so never hesitate to ask us questions. We have a wealth of experts, articles and resources for you to read, our Babble Plus service which offers hand holding throughout your journey, as well as gift cards that can be purchased for friends and family and used for consultations, fertility treatments, and wellbeing support.

Whether you’re interested in fertility and PCOS, egg freezing, hormone guidance, cancer fertility preservation, or another concern, we’ve got the resources to help you reach your goals.

We’re Babble Health, and we’re happy you’re here.


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