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Why should employers be understanding and supportive of their employees going through the menopause?

There are a number of reasons why as an employer, you should understand how menopause can affect your employees and find ways to support your employees who are going through this.

Duty of Care & Health and Safety

As a business, you have a duty of care to your employees in terms of their Health and Safety and Wellbeing. A person going through menopause can suffer both physical and psychological side effects which may affect them in the workplace. Some of these affects can be easily remedied with appropriate management training, raising awareness and understanding and putting reasonable adjustments in place.

Attraction and Retention

With a market where employees are in demand, they are choosing the companies they want to work for wisely. They are looking for companies who have the right culture, the right leadership styles, high engagement and are inclusive organisations. Reputation is key here and employers being ahead of the game and being supportive in areas such as menopause, go a long way in increasing your reputation as a good company to work for and one that future talent wants to work for.

Menopause doesn't just affect women

It is important to note can menopause can impact trans and non-binary people who don’t identify as women in the same manner. Male partners and colleagues may also be affected and men also can experience andropause. Therefore raising awareness and having the appropriate policies in place is fundamental in fostering an inclusive culture.


It is important to understand your responsibilities around confidentiality. Any health data is classed as “personal” data under GDPR which means that it is subject to more stringent rules in how that data is handled. It is important that employers understand this and set provisions in place for ensuring that this data is kept safe and secure, deleted when necessary and is not shared with anyone unless it is absolutely essential for business purposes.

Potential Discrimination

The Equality Act 2010 outlines that individuals must not be discriminated against due to any form of disability, and although menopause itself is not classed as a disability, symptoms of the menopause may constitute a disability. Research has shown an increase in the number of tribunal claims being brought referring to the menopause. This means that employers need to take steps to ensure that a someone going through menopause is not treated less favourably than someone who isn’t and employers may need to have appropriate policies, provide support and make reasonable adjustments where necessary to ensure this doesn’t happen. Discrimination claims are particularly complex with an unlimited compensation cap and hugely damaging reputationally wise.

How we can help

How can we help you to manage and support your employees going through menopause? By ensuring that you have an understanding of menopause and how it can impact your employees. The right policies and processes in place to manage someone going through menopause. Providing online training videos for your managers so they are equipped to deal with all aspects of handling and supporting employees going through menopause in a sensitive and caring way. And last but not least, by providing risk assessments so you can correctly assess the risk at work.

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