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Sue Bedford, Nutritionist

Sue Bedford, MSc (Nut Th), BSc (Hons), PGCE, mBANT, CNHC is a Nutritional Therapist, with a special interest in Fertility, General Health, Well-Being and Weight Loss



HELLO! I am Sue Bedford – a Qualified Nutritional Therapist with a special interest in fertility. I gained my MSc in Nutritional Therapy from the University of Worcester in 2012.

My advanced independent study explored the area of nutrition and IVF in depth and I have successfully worked with a variety of clients ever since. In addition, I have a science background and have worked extensively with people requiring advice for general health and wellness, the menopause, post-natal nutrition as well as child nutrition.

I am  the lead nutritional therapist for Babble Health. I have also co-edited two books in relation to fertility, in the first of which I wrote two important chapters, one on covering BMI obesity and fertility and the other on lifestyle factors affecting fertility.

Course options

What does the ‘Food for Fertility’ programme offer?

This is an individual programme tailored to YOU.

When it comes to nutrition, ‘one size does not fit all’ – we are all biologically different and this is known as ‘biochemical individuality’. The food that you eat, along with your lifestyle and any associated stress can have an impact on fertility and it is important to get your body in optimal health not only for YOU, but for conception and to support a healthy pregnancy.

This programme provides a comprehensive information package that includes key information regarding food, diet and fertility and a one-to-one remote consultation tailored to YOU with advice on a supplement programme if necessary.

This programme is right for you if:

  • You want to improve and optimise your health and nutrition prior to conception and beyond.
  • If you would like a personalised nutrition and supplement plan to suit
  • If you would like to know which nutrients are key in relation to fertility and which foods to get them from.
  • If you would like to know if you have any mineral deficiencies or potential toxins.
  • If you need help with meal planning and some healthy meal and snack ideas.
  • If you would like help to balance hormones and reduce inflammation.

What’s included in your personalised program?

An information pack containing key details and top tips on how to ‘Get Fit For Fertility with Nutrition’ broken down into 3 main parts:

  • Part 1- It’s all in the preparation – Explores the importance of giving yourself enough time to nourish your body and prepare for fertility treatment and beyond, the importance of good gut health, why reducing inflammation is important to fertility, how to support your liver and top tips to balance your hormones.
  • Part 2- Weight and fertility -Why is weight important when it comes to fertility? Why and how does being overweight or underweight impact fertility? The importance of meal planning is explored, a meal planner proforma is included along with great fertility friendly ideas for breakfast, lunch/dinner and snacks.
  • Part 3 – Which key nutrients are needed for male and female fertility? This section explores these vital aspects further and examines why they are important and which foods they can be obtained from. The Mediterranean Diet and fertility. The role of key supplements is also considered.

What will I receive from this personalised programme?

  • Key notes on the topics outlined above with support sheets on how to eat well so that you can help optimise your health and fertility.
  • A one-to-one individual remote initial fertility consultation and follow up with recommendations on nutritional and lifestyle changes that are right for YOU.
  • A supplement programme tailored to YOU
  • Access to laboratory tests such as a gut test, specific nutrient tests, nutrition profiles through a top London lab for UK residents (at an additional cost).










About Nutrition

Good nutrition is crucial at every stage of our lives. It helps us to stay healthy and ward off chronic illnesses.

Each stage of life has different nutritional requirements, which evolve as we move through them. It’s crucial to understand what your body requires nutritionally in order to stay fit and healthy, as these changes place additional demands on your body.

Our various life stage programs, such as those for fertility, pregnancy, and menopause, will help you comprehend the various nutritional needs required in each stage, as well as what to eat and what to avoid for best health. Ideas for meal plans are also provided.




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