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Dedicated to providing affordable, patient-centered and advanced reproductive treatment so all patients have the opportunity to build their family.

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The IVF CenterSM is one of the longest established IVF programs in the Winter Park – Orlando, Florida area. Our mission is to provide accessible, affordable, patient-centered and advanced reproductive treatment so all patients have the opportunity to build their family.

More than 20 years of experience


Nova IVF are a leading fertility clinic and trusted partner of Babble Health. They are here to help guide and support you.

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Giving all patients the opportunity to have a family

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At The IVF CenterSM we recognize the process of IVF can at times be overwhelming.

To address this issue, we have an IVF Nurse available 24/7 to answer questions, guide you through the process, and provide emotional support. We also offer a Reproductive Health Psychologist to help couples develop their best coping strategies along their journey.

Success of the IVF Program at The IVF CenterSM is due to our scientific and technological excellence coupled with our compassionate and highly personalized approach to patient care.

The IVF CenterSM is committed to each couple’s success by providing individualized and supportive care along the way. We consider each couple part of our family as we attempt to help them create their own.

Discovery Call

Would you like to have a free discovery call with one of The IVF Center’s team? All you need to do is confirm your contact details and complete a short assessment form so that your call can be as productive as possible.


Find out what people say about this fantastic clinic

Dr. Trolice and the staff are amazing and the level of care is outstanding, they really take their time to get to know you and follow every step of the process. They help me complete my amazing family. I recommend them to everyone!”


If I could give this place ten stars, I would. Dr. Trolice showed my family a level of compassion and kindness I didn't even know existed in the medical field. Thanks to him and the wonderful team at The IVF Center, we're expecting a miracle baby girl in June. I felt so well prepared and informed every step of the way. It was always easy to contact my IVF coordinator Christina with any questions, and she was always so nice! She never made me feel like a bother, even when I was worried I had a silly question. We'll definitely be back for our remaining three embryos!


Everyone at the fertility center was so kind and compassionate from the initial appointment and onward. Dr. Trolice has great bedside manner and came highly recommended from a friend, who exceeded my expectations. Thanks to everyone’s expertise and patience I brought a beautiful girl into this world. I can’t thank you all enough for being an integral part of my journey in making my dream come true.



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    Meet just some of our clinic's experts who are all here to help and support you on your journey to parenthood

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