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Pregnancy Blood Test


An early detection finger-prick laboratory pregnancy test which can detect a pregnancy sooner than an over-the counter urine test. This test can also be used to monitor your pregnancy.

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This highly sensitive finger-prick laboratory blood test measures the amount of the hormone hCG in the blood. HCG is the hormone secreted when a fertilised egg becomes implanted in the uterine wall. Present in very small amounts in early conception, the level of hCG increases as your pregnancy develops.

Levels of hCG rise rapidly in pregnancy and this test can also be used to monitor how well your pregnancy is progressing. High levels of hCG in the blood can also indicate a multiple birth.

This test is for you if:

  • You are trying to conceive and want to see if you are pregnant
  • You are experiencing early pregnancy symptoms and want to investigate
  • You want to monitor hCG levels to check how your pregnancy is progressing
  • You suspect twins and want to see if this is indicated by your hCG levels

The difference between this test and an over the counter urine test, is that it is very sensitive and can detect even very low levels of hCG, possibly giving a positive result earlier. A blood test like this can tell if you are pregnant about six to eight days after you ovulate.

Please remember though, these tests are not a substitute for seeing your doctor. The doctors will interpret your results based on the information you have provided, but will not diagnose, consult or provide any treatment. You will be advised to see your doctor for any necessary follow-up action.

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How to use

Your at-home blood samples test is via a finger-prick. You only need to fill one or sometimes two, very small microtainers (tiny test tubes), which are then analysed at the lab using the same analysers you would find in most NHS laboratories.

Please note, that you must not take biotin supplements for two days before this test.


Beta – hCG – HCG is a pregnancy hormone produced by the placenta when a fertilised egg implants in the uterine wall. The hormone hCG starts to be produced around six days after fertilisation and can usually be detected 10 days after a missed menstrual period.

Results and Next Steps

Taking your home test is simple. Your test kit will arrive in the post with everything you need to collect your sample, including easy-to-follow instructions.

You will need to activate your test kit and create an account following the instructions provided in the kit.

Once you have collected your sample simply post it in a post-box using the return envelope provided.

You will receive an email once your sample has arrived at the laboratory for analysis, and another when your results are ready to view.

Your results will be displayed in your account, along with a doctor’s commentary.

A negative result does not necessarily mean that you are not pregnant as hCG may not be detectable even with this sensitive test, especially if you tested early or ovulated late. A repeat test is recommended if your period has not arrived after another 3 days.

If you are concerned by your results, why not book a call with one of our experts. A free discovery call will enable you to discuss your results and talk through your next steps.

If you would like a more in depth consultation, with a wellness expert  click here.

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